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An introduction from Anna Hunt:

My passion for yoga began nearly 20 years ago when my fast-paced corporate career was bringing increasing more stress into my life. After 14 years of practice, I wanted to deepen my personal practice and decided to explore yoga teacher training. This brought me to Iyangar-trained Marianne Wells, who taught me that understanding my students’ individual needs will help them find a deeper peace and self acceptance. 

It has been a blessing to be part of the Atenas yoga community over the last 6 years. I enjoy helping my students embrace the limitations and capabilities of their bodies with the use of props, intense breath work, and Qi Gong movements incorporated into the yoga practice. My Hatha classes will vary from an invigorating Vinyasa Flow, to a more precise and calming practice, and you can always expect lots of options for beginners. I also enjoys practicing and teaching Restorative, Yin and Gentle Yoga.

Anna Hunt is a RYT200 Yoga Alliance certified instructor and a graduate of the Marianne Wells Yoga School. In addition to co-founding the Atenas Yoga Center, Anna was the owner of Pura Vida Yoga Vacation and has organized and taught at numerous yoga retreats in Costa Rica with Pura Vida and with Mind Body & EarthShe is also a writer and co-editor of Waking Times, an independent online magazine focused on sharing mind-opening, provocative and inspirational information. 

A few words from Leah MacLauchlan:

Originally from England, I took an interest in yoga when I moved to the Atenas area 13 years ago from Canada. Once an avid runner, I started to have some hip problems when my friend introduced me to the gentle practice of yoga. From that day on, I have not looked back. The benefits of my own personal practice have far exceeded anything I could have imagined.

I have been practicing and teaching in the Atenas area for 12 years, as well as organizing Yoga vacations, Yoga retreats and workshops. I offer Hatha Yoga for all levels with an emphasis on conscious awareness of the body and breath. My gentle style walks the students step-by-step through a variety of poses focusing on alignment and listening to the body’s own wisdom. I also offer Yin and Restorative Yoga classes at Colinas del Sol and at my home studio in San Isidro de Atenas. My goal is to create a safe and unique experience for each of my students in a warm and loving environment. For me, yoga is a shining light in each and every one of us. Once lit, the more we practice, the brighter the flame. 

Leah MacLauchlan is a certified RYT-350 yoga instructor and graduate of the Nosara Yoga Institute. 

Una introducción de Clara Inés Angarita:

Yo inicié mis estudios de yoga en el 2007 en Bogotá, Colombia, y en el 2011 me gradué como instructora de Yoga y Meditación Anusara, en Kasasana Costa Rica. La técnica Anusara combina Hatha y Vinyasa Flow, esta enfocada en abrir el corazón y abrirnos a la gracia a través de la practica constante de asanas y respiración correcta. Estoy convencida que el yoga es el mejor camino para encontrar la salud mental, física y espiritual, nos induce a tener una actitud positiva, y un estado de paz constante.

Actualmente vivo en Atenas, doy clases de yoga en el hotel Colinas del Sol, y organizo retiros de yoga y meditación en la playa y en la montaña. Tambien, soy diseñadora gráfica editorial y trabajo para organismos internacionales de derechos humanos en la edición de libros educativos y de justicia.

Clara Inés Angarita es una instructora certificada por el Kasasana Centro de Medicina Holistica.  

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